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About Us

We are a wholesaler of tobacco accessories in Illinois. Our goal is to provide unmatched service at unbeatable prices to our customers.  With the quickest shipping in the business on all orders, we have made many friends who swear by our service.  Please give us a call or email us with any questions.


Phone: 630-708-8282    

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*5.5"-6" New Rocket Pipe P82

Elephant Pipe Large #EL2

*16" New- Fancy Recycled Water Pipe WP127

*4.5"-5" NEW Octopus on top Hand Pipe P102

*5" Fancy Black Tube attractine Pipe #4P7

7" Soft Glass Heavy (565 gms.)Water Pipe E5813

*4.5"-5" Dolphin Pipe-4P5

*3" New-Blunt Bubbler MB2

*4"-5" Rasta stripes Smoking Glass Pipe-130Gms P86

*4.5" Donut hole Pipe-New #4P6

*7"-8" New-Scorpion Glass Pipe #4P2

*8.5"-Silicone Bubbler Set SWP3

*6"- Fancy mushroom bowl Bubbler with dome & nail#OB16

5"-6" Dragon Pipe-New #4P10

*SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank #SBB

*10 PK. $14.99- 4" outside spoons

*6"-7" White Tube Water Pipe WP125

*13" New-Recycled Water Pipe WP126

*4" Cylindrical Carved Wood Classic Large Dugout Item# DO41

*3.5"-4"-Silicone Pipes with Cover #3S2

*8.5"-9" New Excellent Water Pipe #P122

*10 pack-4" New Flat mouth Clear glass One Hitter OH3

*Ellephant Bubblers with dome & Nail #ELB

Dabber-4.5" Glass with Carb Cap #TCD5

*10 Pack-4" Large Carved Wood Dugout/w. metal Bat #10DO33

*7" New Hammer pipes #P122

*8" Fancy stripe design Percolator W/P. #8S1

*9" New White tube Water Pipe WP123

*Nector set-Silicone 14mm with tip & Dabber #NCS3

4 Part 62MM Large Colorful Tobacco Grinders #HG26

*7"-New clear gun shape bubbler with oil dome & nail GUNB

4" Cylindrical Large Dugout with Metal Bat DO16

11" Skull Hookahs-Assorted colors HK1

* 8" Fancy Heavy Water Pipe #WP01

*10"- Fancy Black & White tube-window W/P #WP47

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Contact No: 1 (630) 708-8BTB (708-8282)