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*5.5"-6" New Rocket Pipe P82

3"-3.5" Fumed Tube Dots Design 3P3

*3 part-52mm-Heavy quality Pewter style Herb grinders HG76

*4.5"-5" NEW Octopus on top Hand Pipe P102

*5" Fancy Black Tube attractine Pipe #4P7

7" Soft Glass Heavy (565 gms.)Water Pipe E5813

*4.5"-5" Dolphin Pipe-4P5

*3" New-Blunt Bubbler MIB2

*10 pack-New-5" Fancy swirl design Glass dabbers

*4.5" Donut hole Pipe-New #4P6

*4.5"-5" Fancy White tube Pipe #4P4

*7"-8" New-Scorpion Glass Pipe #4P2

*8.5"-Silicone Bubbler Set SWP3

*3.5" Silicone Spoon with Bowl #SWP9

* 12" New Rocket Honeycomb Percolator WP #HC51

*New-Fancy Bottle shape dugout with Bat #BDO

4"-5" Turtle Pipe-New #4P11

*10 pack-4" New Flat mouth Clear glass One Hitter OH3

*10 pk.3"-3.5" Straight Heavy Glass One Hitter Snake On Top

Dabber-4.5" Glass with Carb Cap #TCD5

*12 ct. Smoking pipe with lighter display #LP5

*Thermo X Banger set-14mm Female #QT14F

4.5"-5" New-Spider Man Pipe P110

3" Cylindrical Small Dugout with Metal Bat DO15

*20 Count-Lighter Sleeves with Rhinestone #LF

*7"-New clear gun shape bubbler with oil dome & nail GUNB

*10 pk.-3"Large Diamond Cut Mix Color Metal Bat with Spring

*6"-7" Banana Pipe-New #4P1

11" Skull Hookahs-Assorted colors HK1

5"-6" Dragon Pipe-New #4P10

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